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A crowded public space.
A robot navigating in a crowded office space.

Full-stack robotic solutions for increasing efficiency and productivity.

Cut costs, increase sales and boost customer satisfaction with our automation products.

Billions of dollars are lost every year across various industries due to the lack of real-time data and missed customer interactions.
Our autonomous robotics platform can help you better serve your customers and increase operational efficiency. Boost customer satisfaction and reduce your costs.
We provide a fully-autonomous base augmented with custom modules designed for specific applications – for the retail, travel and logistics industries.
  • Does a customer need assistance?
  • Are all of your products in the correct location?
  • Where is the heaviest foot traffic right now?
  • Is there a problem or emergency you need to attend to?

Our platform.

An illustration of a modular robot base.
Our robots use a common base platform with mission-specific modules for different customers and applications.
An illustration of a robot performing autonomous navigation.
Our products feature autonomous movement specially designed for safe and efficient use in crowded public spaces.
An illustration of two robots collaborating.
Our fleets use distributed AI, enabling multiple robots to communicate, collaborate and share tasks
An illustration of a robot gathering analytics.
Our customers can monitor their robots and customise the the data points gathered for relevant insights.
An illustration of a robot integrating with a backend system.
We integrate with existing systems to deliver solutions as part of overall operations for maximum impact.

Our products.

Bo is a fully-autonomous customer service robot designed to interact with and guide customers in dynamic public spaces.

Mim is a fully-autonomous service robot designed to gather real-time store data to inform retailers’ business decisions.

An image of Bo – an autonomous robot in a customer service role.
An image of Mim – an autonomous robot in an operational role.