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About us.

BotsAndUs develop state of the art robotics and AI products by combining social sciences with human-centred design and cutting edge engineering.


Are you ready for the robotics revolution? Join us in transforming the future!

Founders’ Story.

With a joint passion for robotics competitions, Andrei and Adrian have known for many years that one day they will build and grow their own robotics company. After following separate paths early in their careers, they were joined by Oana in their passion for autonomous machines and BotsAndUs was born.

The initial direction was that of a B2C product, creating a robot to help the elderly in their homes - Bo. Things progressed and with demand from the retail, events and hospitality sectors, Bo’s use cases expanded into customer service roles opening a new B2B direction.

Nowadays BotsAndUs’ family of robots has grown substantially as well as the sectors they can support.

“We’ve taken a modular approach to our tech and team which allows us to be flexible and quick to market.”Adrian, CTO and Co-Founder

The latest family member is Mim for the Logistics industry. An autonomous, mobile scanning robot that allows to work alongside people and capture real-time information.

“The future of logistics is digital, connected and autonomous.”Andrei Danescu, CEO and Co-founder
An image of the BotsAndUs founders and robots
An image of the BotsAndUs team.

Our team.

Meet our family of visionary innovators, leaders, and passionate experts in their field.