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An image of an airport environment.
A robot in an airport.

Making travel trivial.

Reduce travel stress and assist every passenger using our fully-autonomous robot platform to improve passenger service and terminal operations.
Increase passenger satisfaction and enable staff to maximise their efficiency.
Our autonomous robotics platform combines passenger service, operations and data analysis capabilities to provide real-time support for users and business-critical insights.
  • Can passengers find their way around?
  • How can we improve traffic flows?
  • Which areas are the quietest and busiest right now?
  • Are passengers happy with the facilities?

Key features.

Passenger service
  • Meet-and-greet passengers in their preferred language.
  • Direct passengers to gates, facilities or retail outlets.
  • Autonomously guide passengers to their destinations.
  • Provide context-specific information about flights, terminal facilities, retail promotions and more.
  • Monitor foot traffic and passenger routes to optimise layout and wayfinding.
  • Monitor traffic flows to optimise staff deployment.
  • Detect quiet areas, spills, and other hazards.
  • Discreetly and autonomously alert in response to security concerns.
Data analysis
  • Capture information about passenger preferences and demographics in real-time.
  • Understand most-trafficked and hardest-to-find facilities and services.
Advanced integrations
  • Provide real-time flight information using built-in boarding pass scanner.
  • Request assistance from airline representatives or airport staff.
  • Order food, drinks, or retail products for quick delivery and shorter queues.

Business outcomes.

  • More passengers assisted in their preferred language.
  • The right information at the right time for passengers.
  • Real-time insights into passenger traffic and the passenger journey.
  • Improved campaign targeting.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
Increase efficiency.
of the world's airports are loss-making.
Improve experience.
loss in passenger revenue due to negative customer experience.
PWC, 2018
Expand capacity.
“Technology can add 30-40% in capacity. It’s cheaper than concrete”
John Jarrell, Head of Airport IT at Amadeus Capital

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