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An image of robots navigating in a shopping centre.
A robot in a shopping centre.

Maximize every customer interaction.

Simultaneously improve the customer journey and learn more about your operations, by deploying a fleet of always-available customer service agents.
Find out what customers want, and serve the right product, to the right person, at the right time.
We bring value across the entire customer journey, impacting the top and bottom line. You know what products come into the store and which ones go out – what happens in between is still a mystery!
  • Can customers find what they need?
  • How do customers decide what to buy when in-store?
  • Are we missing sales because of staff unavailability?
  • Are our displays compliant?

Key features.

Customer service
  • Meet-and-greet customers in their preferred language.
  • Direct customers to products, departments, and facilities.
  • Autonomously guide customers to their destinations.
  • Inspire customers with new ideas and products.
  • Always know where products and fixtures are located in all stores.
  • Keep track of out-of-stock products in real time.
  • Ensure shelf prices are always up-to-date.
Data analysis
  • Get real-time information on store layout changes.
  • Understand most-trafficked and hardest-to-find facilities and products.
  • Monitor foot traffic in real-time.
Targeted promotions
  • Use real-time demographic information to up-sell, cross-sell and push specific brands or products to targeted customer groups.
  • Improve in-store advertising with an interactive, mobile channel.

Business outcomes.

  • More products on the shelf and priced correctly.
  • Complete, compliant, accurate planograms.
  • More customers assisted and supported.
  • Improved campaign targeting.
  • Increased operational efficiency.
Increase efficiency.
of staff time spent checking and flagging compliance issues.
Improve experience.
annual losses in sales due to missed customer interactions.
Reduce losses
annual losses due to lack of in-store analytics

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