Say hello to Bo.
Get direct access to your customers through autonomous customer service assistance.
Stores, Supermarkets, Shopping centres, Showrooms
Trade Shows, Conferencse, Showcases
Hotels, Restaurants, Caf├ęs, Leisure centres
Airports, Lounges, Transport hubs
Real Estate
Offices, Apartment buildings
Embrace the power of digital, robotics and AI analytics to maximize every customer interaction

Outstanding service

Attract and retain customers, serve them instantly

Personalise offerings, promotions and experiences real time

Interact in multiple languages

Unrivalled insights

Understand customer needs, journeys and profiles real time

Compare variables across time and locations to extract meaningful insights


Offer consistent 24/7 high quality service

Instant product and stock information

Understand and optimise footfall

Balance staff workload

Our fantastic customers

How bo helps
Revolutionise customer/guest interaction by creating memorable experiences to increase footfall, create brand loyalty and build awareness. All through pioneering innovation.
movements, sound and visual effects to draw attention
autonomously approach and engage in conversation, react to emotions
save time & money by guiding and presenting useful information
build loyalty via consistent high quality service
What's inside?
Explore the amazing technology that powers Bo.

Optimised customer journey: Bo welcomes customers, helps them navigate to find products/areas and brings part of the convenience of digital to physical spaces.

Consistent high quality service: 24/7 seamless interaction, not tight to working hours,

Dynamic, real time insights: Bo takes over basic tasks, optimises logistics and displays, provides merchandising/inventory/occupancy tracking

Person detection
Microphone array
Wireless connectivity
Touch screen
Audio system
HD camera system
High-capacity power system
Interactive LED lighting
Sensor array
Customisable branding
Custom drive system

HD camera system

This is information about the camera system

Person detection

This is information about the person detection

Touch screen

This is information about the Touch screen

Microphone array

This is information about the Microphone array

Audio system

This is information about the Audio system

Interactive LED lighting

This is information about the Interactive LED lighting

Custom drive system

This is information about the Custom drive system

Customisable branding

This is information about the Customisable branding

Wireless connectivity

This is information about the Wireless connectivity

High-capacity power system

This is information about the High-capacity power system

Sensor array

This is information about the Sensor array

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