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An image of an autonomous robot.
An overview of a robot from front and rear.

Say hello to Bo.

Bo is a fully-autonomous service robot who can independently interact with your customers and deliver real-time insights.
Bo helps you solve business problems in an safe, efficient, and autonomous manner.
A robot in a public space.

Leads the way

Help your visitors find their way—to products, meeting rooms, and other destinations—and let Bo take them there personally.

A robot interacting with a member of the public.

Great personality

Bo is helpful, polite, and friendly – and can independently approach people who seem interested or in need of support.

A robot demonstrating its language skills.

Speaking multiple languages

By using the latest technologies for speaking to and listening to users, Bo can communicate seamlessly in multiple different languages.

An open laptop displaying a visualisation of a robotic sensor system.

Safety first

Using dozens of advanced sensors, Bo navigates safely through public spaces and constantly monitors a 360˚ radius to avoid collisions.

A close-up image of a robot.

Full of energy

Bo has an all-day battery life and fast charging capabilities – and it will automatically dock during quiet periods or when its battery is low.

A visualisation of data collected by a robot.


Bo uses advanced AI to understand the demographics of users – tailoring its responses, and allowing you to build insight into your users.

average interactions per year
promotions redeemed by customers
3 minutes
average conversation length
positive rating by customers

Technical specifications.

An image of Bo.
1.25 m
600 mm
40 kg
An illustration comparing the physical size of Bo to an average person.
  • Quad-core Intel™-platform processor
  • 16GB RAM, 256GB on-board flash storage
Screen and lighting
  • 11-inch, wide viewing angle LED screen
  • Central, individually-addressable LED array for ambient illumination and communication
  • Indicator, safety, and warning lights at base
  • High-performance, multi-microphone audio capture system, with intelligent beamforming for audio capture in noisy environments
  • Front-facing, high-definition speaker system
Sensors and cameras
  • Long-range 3D LIDAR for navigation, localisation, and obstacle avoidance
  • Close-range distance sensors for 360˚ obstacle avoidance
  • 3D camera systems for object analysis and close-range point cloud generation
  • Low-level, front- and rear-facing camera modules for remote navigation and autonomous docking
  • High-level user-facing camera module for user interaction
Navigation and movement
  • Fully-autonomous path-planning and obstacle avoidance system
  • Accurate, self-calibrating localisation system
  • Adjustable, context-specific movement speed from 0.5–1.5 metres/second
  • Advanced omni-wheel drive system with custom suspension for gap traversal and use on uneven surfaces, with zero turning circle
Networking and connectivity
  • Dual band wireless network system (2.4GHz and 5GHz, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
  • Optional 4G LTE connectivity
  • Dual-mode Bluetooth 4.2
Battery and power
  • Lithium ion battery system with 8-hour active battery life
  • High-speed charging system providing full battery charge in < 3 hours
  • Autonomous docking system allowing location and automatic docking in response to low battery events
Software and security
  • Custom software platform for handling natural language user conversations
  • Real-time integration with external systems for incorporating customer data
  • Web-based dashboard for customer access to robot controls and data analytics
  • Fully-encrypted communications using industry-standard mechanisms for data security

Find out more.

Bo has a wide variety of applications for customer service in many industries.

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An autonomous robot.