An image of a robot scanning a warehouse.

Our Platform.

BotsAndUs offers a state-of-the-art autonomous robotics platform for data gathering in your warehouse environments.

Environment and asset scanning.

Our platform is powered by our proprietary state of-the-art machine vision technology, capable of measuring and scanning parcels, pallets and products as they pass through warehouse or retail facilities. Our tech stack uses advanced machine learning vision techniques to identify and scan barcodes as well as custom application-specific markers where required.

Autonomous operation.

Our robots navigate dynamic environments in a fast, efficient manner by leveraging predictive algorithms and control models as well as machine learning techniques like image segmentation and classification. They understand the intentions of both humans and high-speed vehicles like forklifts, inferring predictions of their paths in real-time. This allows them to cover every single area of the warehouse without obstructing normal operations.

Integration and visualisation.

Seamless back-end integration with warehouse management systems is essential for providing timely and useful data. We offer a system that collects information from our robot fleet in real-time and dispatches it directly to your IT systems. This allows collected data to be used downstream within seconds of being collected by the platform.

Fleet management.

Our bespoke fleet management platform is a cloud based application which provides central administrative control of 1000+ devices to ensure seamless scaling of operations and access to data for all relevant teams.

Distributed AI.

Our platform provides a distributed system consisting of communication agents running on our fleet of autonomous robots. Using real-time communication channels, this allows the robots to seamlessly exchange information and tasks. It provides a fully secure, encrypted, and high-performance communication protocol, allowing a robot fleet to make decisions faster than other systems available on the market. Real-time information from each robot is available instantly on every other robot in the fleet, allowing each robot to build a full picture about what is happening across an entire warehouse.

A modular platform.

We have taken a modular approach to both our hardware and software technology to ensure future proofing. Our stack allows for easy development and deployment of new features and use cases in record time, making our solution extremely versatile, easy to deploy and easy to expand.