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Read more about what we've been doing recently, and the latest innovations and developments in the robotics industry.
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Team Interview: Andrius Motuzas

Andrius Motuzas, R&D Engineer

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack autonomous robotics solution to market.

Until now, we’ve given you snippets of our team’s passion for robotics, software and business development. With this...

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Launch of our retail operations module

Meet Mim – our retail operations module

We are delighted to announce the launch of our retail operations module - Mim. We’ve worked really hard to bring this product to launch. Our multidisciplinary team along with big retail brands such as MediaMarktSaturn have consistently reviewed and...

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Team Interview: Martin Moen

Martin Moen, Software Engineer at BotsAndUs

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack solution to market.

In this team interview series, we introduce Martin Moen, our skilled and very passionate software engineer. Not only a great team player...

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Why interns can bring great value to your business

Introducing: Yiping, Roisin and Simon

Introducing Yiping, Roisin and Simon

At BotsAndUs, we believe that young professionals can bring great value to business strategy because they are not yet restricted by their previous experience and can easily bring new perspectives to what we do...

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Team Interview: Javier Choclin

Javier Choclin, Robotics Engineer at BotsAndUs

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack solution to market.

We continue our team series by introducing Javier, the person behind the robotics side of our business and one who joined us from another...

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Team Interview: Ayllin Yassin

Ayllin Yassin, Business Development Manager at BotsAndUs

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack solution to market. Although as a tech company, the majority of its members are experts on the technical side, we dedicate significant time and resources...

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Team Interview: Matthew MacLeod

Matthew MacLeod, Software Architect at BotsAndUs

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack solution to market; from making the hardware and developing the software to selling and providing maintenance and support.

We are extremely proud of the...

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The need for automation has never been greater

Most industries are now facing challenges associated with the inability to operate in normal market conditions. Although the fight is still being fought, it has already become clear that state of the art automation solutions will become the norm once...

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How airports are using innovation to improve travel

What we're excited about in 2020

Although robotics solutions are swiftly entering several industries, airports seem to have become the playing ground for robots of all shapes and applications. The use of robotics is no longer limited to a vision of the future but a reality in many...

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What we're excited about in 2020

What we're excited about in 2020

As we enter a new decade, we’re excited to imagine what technology developments and breakthroughs are awaiting us. In recent years, robotic solutions broke free from their traditional industrial settings and appeared in various sectors, working with...

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The Top 5 Hardware Startups Of 2017

The Top 5 Hardware Startups Of 2017

As we kick-off 2018, let’s take a moment to look back over the previous 12 months and see what 2017 has brought us in terms of hardware innovation. The world of tech hardware, in Robotics and beyond, has flourished in 2017, with some exciting new...

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Companion Robots in Elderly Care

By 2050, the UN estimates that the global population of over-65s will have risen by 181%. By comparison, the 15-65 population will see just a 33% rise. Along with the ageing population, we are also experiencing a crisis in elderly care. This is a problem...

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Are You Being Served? Robots In Retail

The most established uses of robots in retail is within the back end, in the warehouse and in a logistics capacity. Yes, they can keep accurate track of inventory, fetch specific items on command, and do heavy lifting. But robots are also proving themselves...

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AI And Automation In The Workplace

Artificial intelligence is coming to a workplace near you - and it’s very exciting. A wide range of industries are quickly realising the efficiency and cost-saving gains that automation can offer. From algorithms to robots, we are about to all breathe...

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Why Should You Invest In Robotics?

It is no secret that the global robotics market is growing. Automation is the word on everyone’s lips, and not without good reason. It is anticipated that growth in the global installed base of advanced robotics is set to accelerate from around 2-3...

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Robotic Assistants in Hospitality and Service

Many of us have seen articles titled “____ Hotel ‘Employs’ Robots” or YouTube videos talking about a “CRAZY Restaurant With ROBOT Waitresses”, but just how crazy is that concept?

Robots acting as service assistants are becoming more common and more...

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Bo meets the world… Innorobo 2017

Bo met the world last week at Innorobo and the world was impressed! From the very first interactions to some really productive chats with other companies, investors and even celebrities, Bo was definitely wowing the attendees.

The biggest, brightest...
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Meet Bo at Innorobo - World First!

We are extremely excited about next week! It’s the moment we have all been waiting for! It’s time to show the first units of Bo to the world!

We will be at Innorobo in Paris between 16-18th of May showing our amazing social robot in the environment...

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BotsAndUs joined CRL London

It’s been a month since we joined an amazing community of passionate hardware magicians so it’s high time we told the world about it!

You can now find us at the Central Research Laboratory sharing an office with a number of super innovative start...

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Let's talk about robots...

Get ready to talk about robots… Bo - the revolutionary robot assistant for Retail, Hospitality and Events will be revealed on 22nd February. Stay tuned to be the first to say hi! #TalkAboutBo
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Global Robot Expo 2017

Last week BotsAndUs attended an event in beautiful Madrid - the second edition of Global Robot Expo. It was a great way to kick-off the series of amazing conferences and exhibitions we have planned for 2017 and the perfect opportunity to check the...

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When you start a hardware start-up...

Commercial and highly technical minded, Andreiis an expert in Robotics and AI as well as a well-rounded entrepreneur. He pushes product development and constantly connects with key players to build strategic relationships.

Having had a hands-on approach...

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Why Robots are the Next Big Thing in Marketing and Events


Interacting with a robot is not a common thing we do on a daily basis. It raises people’s curiosity and educates them while making your event original, fun and engaging, enriching customer experience and showing that your company...

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Key Moments of Tech This Year

With the year coming to an end soon, we have gathered a short list of key moments that prove 2016 to be a revolutionary year in all fields of technology. Hang on with us, we have exciting news for 2017! Internet of Things welcomed Amazon Echo Dot...
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Why a robot is the best Christmas gift

With the gift season now open, we’ve all been wondering how to meet every one of our loved ones’ wishes. Whether you think about your parents, kids, or even elders, hi-tech devices seem to always be the best choice (apart from chocolate :)). And...

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5 Reasons You Need a Robot in Your Home

Can you imagine spending a whole day without checking your phone? Or going on vacation without taking pics? From smartphones to baby monitors, GPS or Roombas there are all kinds of devices that have influenced the way you live and that you couldn...

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Humans and robots – the future is NOW!


Sony released its “dream robot”, also known as SDR-3X. It could recognize 10 different faces, express emotion through speech and body language, can walk on flat and uneven surfaces, get up on its own, and even dance.


Honda created the (improved...

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How Humans Have Shaped Robots (part II)


The debatable start of the personal computer begins with the ALTAIR 8080 created by MITS. It was based off the Intel 8080. Build-it-yourself kits were released to the public and ended up sparking the microcomputer revolution.


The Stanford...

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How Humans Have Shaped Robots (part I)


Leonardo Da Vinci created a design for what is considered to be the first humanoid robot. It was designed to move similarly to humans: sit down, wave, and open and close its jaw. He was indeed, a man of the future.


Jacques de Vaucanson...

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Humans and AI

People across the globe have always had a changing relationship with technology, whether it be processing data, reading the news, or simply sending a message. One of the biggest upcoming innovations is artificial intelligence. To some, AI may seem...