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An image of a robot in the offices of the developer
A close-up of a robot's screen


Read more about what we've been doing recently, and the latest innovations and developments in the robotics industry.
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Are You Being Served? Robots In Retail

The most established uses of robots in retail is within the back end, in the warehouse and in a logistics capacity. Yes, they can keep accurate track of inventory, fetch specific items on command, and do heavy lifting. But robots are also proving themselves...

Blog post

AI And Automation In The Workplace

Artificial intelligence is coming to a workplace near you - and it’s very exciting. A wide range of industries are quickly realising the efficiency and cost-saving gains that automation can offer. From algorithms to robots, we are about to all breathe...

Blog post

Why Should You Invest In Robotics?

It is no secret that the global robotics market is growing. Automation is the word on everyone’s lips, and not without good reason. It is anticipated that growth in the global installed base of advanced robotics is set to accelerate from around 2-3...