Kickoff into Logistics with IntraLogisteX

CEO and CTO at IntraLogisteX

Our first event post pandemic a full success

“IntraLogisteX 2021 was a great post covid kickoff event!” – CEO, Andrei Danescu

Coventry – 1st to 2nd July 2021 The concerns were high! First post-Covid event. Are people ready to join live events already? Will visitors come to our stand? All our worries were forgotten after the first couple of hours at the event. This was the day we publicly announced that we are now expanding into the logistics sector with our Robotics & AI technology. Our autonomous solutions for streamlining warehouse operations will save the industry millions per warehouse every year.

The question we also asked ourselves was: Is the logistics industry ready for us? Ready to go another step towards automation and data-driven processes? And we can clearly say: Yes, the logistics industry is ready for us and autonomous robots.

We really enjoyed the great opportunity to finally be able to showcase our technology live to industry leaders. After doing demos mostly online over the past 18 months, it was not only refreshing but also a great opportunity to bring our solutions in front of people.

The great conversations we had with industry experts and leaders showcased how valuable and well impactful our use cases are. This confirmed and validated that we are on the right track with our solutions.

With this, we are very excited to nourish and strengthen the great contacts we made and grow our business exponentially over the next months.

Are you tired of losing money due to the mismanagement of goods within your warehouse? Do you want to use the time of your team members more efficiently within the warehouse process? Why not find out how we can assist you in measuring, tracking and finding your goods and how access to real-time data can mainstream your logistics processes for maximum efficiency?

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