Introducing the BotsAndUs framework to promote fair and stellar career progression

Grow. Perform. Succeed.

High performance may seem indispensable to a robotics startup – and it is! Otherwise, how else can you build robots? At BotsAndUs, we understand that high-performance comes with effort and passion and we wanted to create an environment where every win is recognised.

Structure is imperative to continuous growth: We wrapped up 2020 with what we now call the BotsAndUs GPS process. It stands for ‘Grow – Perform – Succeed’ and it’s a way for us to monitor and foster growth. Even though we’re still a small team, we are rapidly growing. We’re becoming a diverse team that brings together people from various disciplines and with very different working styles. Whether logical, idea-oriented, detail-focused or supportive, we had to make sure we all agreed on common key attributes for success.

The BotsAndUs way: We devised 4 criteria by which we would monitor and measure success. Although we celebrate single achievements, we didn’t want to isolate individual progress from the overall team performance for we know real progress is a team effort.

With a 5-point rating scale, taking into consideration both breadth (across the attributes) and depth (level of impact), we assess growth by the following attributes:

  • Know your stuff: Be an expert in your field
  • Drive amazing work: Be proactive, deliver fast, high quality results
  • Grow yourself AND others: Collaborate and put the team first
  • Be a Star: Lead with respect, act with courage, bring others on the journey with you

Each of these attributes has detailed expectations per growth level and department to ensure fair assessment of everyone’s work. At a time when we expect our team to grow significantly within a short period of time, we don’t want to leave anyone behind. We welcome change and hope our company culture evolves in line with our fundamental values around success.

Motivate with recognition and rewards: Our management team understands that motivation is triggered differently depending on someone’s working style. While some of us need recognition, others work better with more tangible rewards. Regardless, we wanted to make sure great performance is recognised across the team by management and peers with a combination of programmes such as:

  • Peer-assigned ‘High Five’ vouchers every quarter
  • Ad-hoc management shout-outs and spot bonuses
  • Promotions; salary or equity review varying on performance

With over 8 months since implementation, this process is already driving better performance and a healthy outlook on success.

How do you ensure high-performance in your company and daily work?

We’re hiring throughout 2021 so if this is a structure that suits you and you’d like to work with us, make sure to check out our careers page or our social media for any vacancies. Alternatively, if you’d like to share any insights or experiences that you think are relevant to improving our process, please let us know.

Grow. Perform. Succeed.