Team Interview: George Lindsell

George Lindsell, Senior Software Engineer

Our vision at BotsAndUs is to create a world where robots become a seamless part of society’s fabric. Our team is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring full-stack autonomous robotics technology to market.

We continue our Team Interview series with the latest to join our team – George Lindsell. He is passionate about software and enjoys discussing updates on emerging technologies with the rest of the team.

What is your role at BotsAndUs and what key areas are you working on?

I joined BotsAndUs towards the end of last year as part of the High Level Software team. I arrived in the middle of a really interesting project for the retail sector. This was a fascinating starting point that allowed me to immerse myself in a mix of backend and frontend work, with a bit of machine learning and computer vision thrown in.

Why did you choose robotics and what use cases are you most excited about?

My interest in robotics started while studying mechanical engineering at university. I set up the robotics society in my third year and took part in some robotics competitions. After university, I became interested in blockchain technology and pursued a few roles in the world of finance and one in machine learning deployment before finding BotsAndUs. What I saw at BotsAndUs reignited the passion I had for the interplay between software and the physical world back in university. The use cases I’m most excited about are those in which robots and humans interact. Humans being inherently unpredictable means that you will often see people interacting with technology in ways the creators never thought of. I’m also inspired by the truly out-of-this-world use cases such as the Mars Perseverance rover. I feel lucky that I get to work on similar technology to that which is roaming around on Mars right now, back here on planet Earth.

What new technology or innovation has recently caught your attention?

With the emergence of Web 3.0, we are beginning to see more AI-driven services, decentralised data architectures and edge computing infrastructure. This new combination of technologies is currently most notably in the public eye in the world of cryptocurrencies. Non-fungible tokens, for example, have recently gained unprecedented hype and traction. There is a whole new network for payments and virtual ownership springing up and I will be very interested in the interaction between these new networks and the Internet Of Things (IOT), or connected physical devices, including robots. You can imagine a world in which robots connected over these new networks are able to provide autonomous services – a self driving taxi, for example – communicating with each other and the end user over decentralised networks. This sort of step change in technology could impact everyday human life in ways we currently can’t imagine.

What qualities are most important to perform well in your field?

Being fairly new at BotsAndUs, I am still learning the specifics of our software and hardware as well as how we build the different applications for different industries. I think it is important to keep an open mind and reach out for information when you encounter something new. Even if you don’t end up working out a better solution, you should always question the status quo so you make sure you really understand how and why certain things were done in the first place. An inquisitive outlook is an important quality to help you keep learning and improve yourself and others around you.

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