BotsAndUs & The Future of Work

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The Future of Work

We are all witnesses of it happening now! Globalisation and the digital revolution had already started to shift our perception of human work and where we fit in a world with artificial intelligence and widespread automation. The pandemic has only accelerated the emergence of a new paradigm we long expected. The turning point in 2020 has raised challenging questions around corporate leadership, the way certain jobs are evolving and the role of technology in the future of work.

Several new workflows and working models have emerged – some failed but some proved more efficient than ever before. A McKinsey study predicts hybrid models of remote work will persist as the pandemic recedes. On the other hand, Deloitte optimistically stresses that although a period of uncertainty is awaiting us, the emerging inherent conflicts will be approached with the mindset of a social enterprise.

Robotics & the future of work in retail

Retail is one of the industries that has seen some of the most extreme reactions to the pandemic; from some becoming essential businesses with booming revenues (i.e. grocery sector) to others having to completely restructure and reinvent their workflows (i.e. fashion, consumer electronics). Despite the effects of social distancing and lockdown restrictions, retail stores have a real future. With the significant ramp up in e-commerce, pick and collect and in-store fulfilment are here to stay. Thus, the role of the physical store and its associates is evolving. Roles such as live-streaming or in-store broadcasting, virtual tech demos or fulfilling online orders are only some examples.

In the wake of this change, retailers need to make sure the technology they implement not only suits their company needs but also the transition to new store operating models and workflows. Robotics was already becoming a trend in retail with many retailers looking at robotics solutions for the back and front of stores.

BotsAndUs has been committed to their vision of a retail store where robots work for and alongside people to automate dull, repetitive and now dangerous tasks. We will continue to act on our mission to revolutionise customer service and retail operations with Bo and Mim. Our customer service robots (Bo) can be the front-line for all the simple and repetitive questions shoppers might have entering the stores to shop or collect online orders. Simultaneously, our operations robots (Mim) can make sure stores operate efficiently by ensuring planogram compliance and shelf health for effective in-store fulfilment. All data gathered in stores can be available to HQ teams from the comfort of their work-from-home desks.

The need for in-store data has never been more acute. For retailers willing to embrace the new work paradigm, our robots are ready to facilitate better workflows and more informed business decisions. For more information, contact us here.

A look at the foreseeable future

It is the responsibility of innovators, such as ourselves, to make sure we implement the right strategies to create new workflows and train new skills that support the application of our technology.

In the longer-term, retailers and large organisations will need to marry technology implementation with the critical human element in order to fully leverage the impact of emerging technologies (i.e. robotics, artificial intelligence). For a healthy culture and incentivised human workforce, technology must be fully integrated in their workflows to reduce menial work and day-to-day workload.

The foreseeable future is a world where the only constant is change and BotsAndUs is fully committed to create the bridge between humans and robots for an easier, collaborative and meaningful future.