Team Interview: Claudiu Popa

Claudiu Popa, Junior Robotics Engineer

Our vision at BotsAndUs is to create a world where robots become a seamless part of society’s fabric. Our team is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring full-stack autonomous robotics technology to market.

We continue our Team Interview series with Claudiu, a young and passionate engineer, who always keeps everyone up to date with the latest developments in robotics, AI and perception systems.

What is your role at BotsAndUs and what key areas are you working on?

I am part of the robotics team and my main focus is designing and implementing the tests that ensure highest quality and functionality of our robots. I am involved in all phases of the testing program development, from designing the test parameters to troubleshooting errors and writing up final QA procedures.

Why did you choose robotics and what use cases are you most excited about?

I always liked science-fiction and wondered if we could actually build all the amazing ideas presented in books or movies. I believe that working in the robotics field brought me in the right environment to try and make that happen – bringing those ideas to life even though seemingly impossible.

What new technology or innovation has recently caught your attention?

City to city travel by rocket, currently in development by SpaceX, is something I believe will change the world in the future but that is a personal curiosity of mine. However, I was always interested in any medical use cases for robotics, from room disinfection to precision surgeries. Some of these use cases proved pivotal in the past year as the pandemic showed us how vulnerable our health systems were. I will definitely keep an eye on the robotics advancements in the industry.

What qualities are most important to perform well in your field?

I think one of the most important qualities for an Engineer in any field is curiosity. A big part of the job involves thinking how you can build something that others couldn’t. And for that you need to be curious and not afraid to fail.

Anyone can study and get the knowledge necessary to be a good engineer. However, to be an excellent one you need to be creative and you need to push the boundaries of what is known to be “impossible”.

As an engineer you will have to explain to other people in the same field what your idea is and how you envision its implementation. At times, you will find out that your thought process differs significantly from the others. You will then need to find a way to explain your ideas as simply and clearly as possible. This skill is what makes working in a team possible, even when working with non-technical people.

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