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Team Interview: Joni Sá

Joni Sá, Senior Embedded Electronics Engineer

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring full-stack autonomous robotics solutions to market.

We are now introducing one of the most recent additions to our fantastic technical team - Joni. He initially joined us remotely this summer after a fully virtual hiring process (pandemic fun), driven by his passion for complex electronics and robotics. We’re so excited to have him on board!

What is your role at BotsAndUs and what key areas are you working on?

I'm a Senior Embedded Electronics Engineer and, as the name suggests, my role is split between the design and development of the electronics that are at the heart of the robot and the embedded software that runs on its electronics. The role is really diverse. I have the chance to work with power and control electronics as well as developing the firmware that links the physical hardware layer to the robotics and software layers of the robots. The best of both worlds!

Why did you choose robotics and what use cases are you most excited about?

My robotics experience started some years ago while I was still studying at university. I was part of the robotics group and participated in numerous competitions and even dedicated part of my masters degree to the field of robotics. At the beginning of my career, my passion for robotics went on standby as I worked in the medical, automotive and motorsport industries.

Joining BotsAndUs made me go back to this exciting industry where a seamless integration between mechanical, electrical and software engineering is required. At BotsAndUs, this integration goes a step further so robots can operate in public spaces - that creates an even more challenging but interesting area to work on.

What new technology or innovation has recently caught your attention?

In the world of Electronics, innovation and new technologies are our daily work. With a recent background in motorsport and the automotive industry, I can really see how every industry is now capable of integrating more and more features on even smaller devices. I think this is an essential step towards a future where it will be much more efficient to design new, safer and more reliable systems to eventually reduce costs and complexity for manufacturing at scale.

What qualities are most important to perform well in your field?

To succeed in this field, I think you need to have a flexible approach to be able to effectively work in a wide range of disciplines. It’s important to combine versatility with a wide but deep knowledge of electronics, software and mechanical engineering. You need to be able to apply this knowledge in the best possible way to solve problems and achieve designs that take performance and reliability to very high standards. Lastly, make sure you’re always up to date with the latest technologies and tools that could simplify the work and help you achieve even better results.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please check our careers page here for any job vacancies. Join the robotics revolution!