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3 ways Robotics & AI will support your omnichannel strategy

Retail is detail

How these major upgrades stimulate digitising your physical stores

After the historic impact COVID19 has had on society worldwide, industries and companies have shifted their attention towards bringing future concepts to our present-day at scale. With such high demand to maintain consistent flow in production, from 2020 to 2022 almost 2 million new units of industrial robots are expected to be installed in factories around the world. This also reflects the growing demand within traditional retail, travel, hospitality, health, supply chains, and logistics industries to upgrade their operations with high-end robotics and artificial intelligence technology.

Robots and AI are here to stay in our industry 4.0 scenario[1], so stimulate your physical stores with a retail operations module and customer service assistant - Mim and Bo, are high-end robots that will have your business booming. According to Dr. Susanne Bieller, General Secretary of the IFR, “Smart robotics and automation are vital to deal with new consumer trends, demand for product variety or challenges from trade barriers”[2]. With a significant increase in the investment of robotics and AI, the question is: how to implement new technological solutions that pave the way for greater flexibility in your omnichannel strategy?

Within this list, we’ll share key insights from our cooperation with major brands to give you 3 modern and effective ways Robotics & AI can support your omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel overview

01 – A design with customer journey in mind

Determining the best digitising delivery mechanism upfront ensures that both Mim and Bo robots are fit for purpose and optimised for a smooth customer journey with autonomous indoor operations. Having a dynamic team of fully autonomous service robots not only provides easy access for your clients and employees; it’s also a scalable way for store managers to track real-time stocks, supplies, price updates, and customer requests with instant access to accurate and relevant store data on any device. By designing with the customers’ journey in mind, a constant live feed of in-store information is established between your physical store, its online operating platforms, and your robotic assistants to provide the best possible service to the client in a seamless and intuitive interaction. A design that flows without any interruptions, downtime, or lag.

02 – Automated stock to beat the clock

If time is money - then you better hurry up! By tracking store layouts, product and fixture placements, price and promotional tickets as well as inconsistencies that may arise, Mim effectively offers access to a real-time 3D visualisation of the store and product detail on shelves. This will save immeasurable amounts of employee time on having to observe shelves of dwindling stocks, restock, place or replace price tags, and repeat the process in every aisle. Mim can carry out on-site reviews in less than an hour and as frequently as 4-5 times per day as opposed to an employee who can better serve in another task. Mim’s job is important to alert Bo of any out-of-stock, soon-to-be stocked, and in-stock items to clients on the fly - thus, saving their precious time in the process too. No wonder Bo receives a 97% positive rating by customers who’ve interacted with it - with quick and efficient help from Mim’s scans, leading to over 10% sales uplift.

03 – A bridge between the physical and digital world

Just imagine, your customer walks into your store looking for a product - Bo understands their needs, in multiple languages, and serves them quickly and naturally. Mim simultaneously sends immediate feedback on the product’s most updated price, stock level, and location on the shelf. Create lightning-fast feedback and dynamic teamwork between the two automated service robots to give your clients actionable on-the-spot insights. Connect these information loops shared by the robots, operational platforms, and the customer, to form a bridge between the physical and digital world. The reliable flow of in-store information allows physical retailers and shopping places to compete in the growing e-commerce era with 98% accuracy for product shelf location and price compliance and 40% promotions redeemed to satisfy any patron.

Time to act!

Significant upgrades to your omnichannel are brought on by deploying Mim and Bo together in-store or shopping spaces for a unique experience. The combination of customer service, daily operations, and data analysis capabilities provide real-time support while generating valuable business-critical insights. With a ‘new normal’ to live by, you need simplified, collaborative, and digitised key drivers that will benefit your robot implementation into your physical stores, enhance your customer journey, and positively impact your omnichannel strategy. Act before it’s too late!

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