Launch of our retail operations module

Meet Mim – our retail operations module

We are delighted to announce the launch of our retail operations module – Mim. We’ve worked really hard to bring this product to launch. Our multidisciplinary team along with big retail brands such as MediaMarktSaturn have consistently reviewed and improved our tech stack, making sure we develop the most reliable and relevant features for physical retailers across all segments.

In our quest for practical modularity, Mim uses our existing base platform for autonomous indoor operations. This mission-specific module was designed to complement Bo, our customer service robot in the physical retail space.

Meet Mim – a fully-autonomous service robot that gives retailers unprecedented, real-time, instant access to accurate and relevant store data. By tracking store layouts, product and fixture placements, price and promotional tickets as well as inconsistencies that may arise, Mim effectively offers access to a real-time 3D visualisation of the store all the way to product detail on shelves.

Why? – We’ve developed this additional piece of technology so that retailers with large estates can see every location, across each store and at any point in time from the HQ. Their business analysts currently rely on biased second-hand information from manually collected, sporadic planogram reviews; random estimations of shelf space and subjective customer feedback from in-store questionnaires. Available alternative solutions such as advanced camera systems are still technically overly complex to install and manage, require extensive efforts to integrate with existing infrastructures and have huge connectivity requirements for data processing.

Features vs business benefits – At BotsAndUs, we always approach product development with the target clients and their business needs in mind. For every one of Mim’s features, the team has extensively studied its resulting business benefit and importance to retailers. We understand how important it is for retailers to have all and more products correctly placed and priced on shelves. This is why Mim scans with 98% accuracy for product shelf location and price compliance, leading to over 10% sales uplift. For complete, compliant and accurate planograms, Mim can carry out reviews in less than an hour and as frequently as 4-5 times per day. Ultimately, Mim’s goal is to increase operational efficiency and reduce the $1trillion dollar annual losses due to in-store out-of-stock situations.

Complementary skills – Key gains are brought by deploying Mim and Bo together for a unique combination of customer service, operations and data analysis capabilities to provide real time support and generate business critical insights. For example, when a customer walks into the store looking for a product, Bo understands their need and serves them, while Mim knows the product’s most updated price, stock level and location on shelf. These insights are actionable on the spot, allowing physical retailers to compete in the e-commerce era.

Bridging the physical and digital worlds – We marry the customer and operations data sets in a way that brings value across the entire retail cycle, driving efficiency, increasing convenience and providing a seamless customer experience.

Retailers that already find themselves in the automation journey and understand the acute need for real-time access to in-store data, especially in the current pandemic predicament, should get in touch now to discuss how we can help!

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