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Why interns can bring great value to your business

Introducing: Yiping, Roisin and Simon

Introducing Yiping, Roisin and Simon

At BotsAndUs, we believe that young professionals can bring great value to business strategy because they are not yet restricted by their previous experience and can easily bring new perspectives to what we do and help us think outside the box.

In this blog post we introduce our new members of the team; Yiping, Roisin and Simon. They will all be working on the commercial side of the business, specifically on key account management, social media marketing and improving operational processes.

Here are some of the reasons why we decided to work in partnership with Cranfield University School of Management to bring interns on board:

New perspective - In general, being a newcomer in an environment gives the advantage of perspective. We believe young professionals that are new to the industry may spot challenges as well as competitive advantages not yet identified by us. Similarly, strategy planning is enhanced when professionals of different backgrounds and skill sets are introduced to the conversation.

Technological savviness - Although the internships are on the commercial side, we are looking for professionals who are tech-savvy and use technology to improve their day-to-day professional and personal lives. As young professionals, we believe interns can easily and more intuitively use and understand how to most effectively leverage technology. For example, social media marketing is still a relatively new sector and someone who’s a native user may see different opportunities than a seasoned marketing professional.

Hiring potential - Offering internships is definitely a great opportunity for us to model and effectively recruit potential candidates. Attracting the right talent is an important part of a startup’s success and we believe that by training interns, we are shaping the next generation of industry leaders.

New advocates - We believe in humans and robots collaborating towards a better life and more efficient businesses. By bringing interns on board, we start building a community working towards bringing robotics solutions into new environments and among people.

Welcome to the team - Yiping, Roisin and Simon!

Read more about our talented interns below:

Yiping Chen, Key Account Management Intern: A postgraduate student with experience in the financial market and the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. Possesses a flexible approach due to studying and working in dynamic and cross-cultural environments. A passionate team-player and implementer. Key skills include: effectively investigating new markets, designing and implementing processes whilst managing operation costs.

Roisin Christodoulou, Social Media Marketing Intern: After successfully completing a BA in management, went on to study an MSc in Management. Has experience in various industries including technology, private healthcare and hospitality. Passionate about social media, marketing, sustainability and economics.

Simon Henry, Operational Process Management Intern: In search of challenges and professional enhancement. Combining an Engineering degree with an MSc in Management. Likes to use both soft and hard skills in his day to day tasks.