Team Interview: Javier Choclin

Javier Choclin, Robotics Engineer at BotsAndUs

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack solution to market.

We continue our team series by introducing Javier, the person behind the robotics side of our business and one who joined us from another continent, coming all the way from Buenos Aires Argentina to London so he can help bring our vision to life.

What is your role at BotsAndUs and what key areas are you working on?

I am a Senior Roboticist at BotsAndUs, leading the robotics department, both on the physical robots or with our complex simulation environments. My work spans across the entire robotics software stack, including areas like navigation, localisation and sensor fusion. A big part of my role is to make sure our robots always know where they are and how to best get to where they need to be next. They need to safely move in challenging environments where you have obstacles and people moving around.

Why did you choose robotics and what use cases are you most excited about?

Since I was a kid I have been fascinated by robots. I love to create things that can adapt and react to their surroundings – there is something magical about that. Getting the robots outside their controlled environments and moving them into quotidian places is one of the greatest challenges in my field of expertise today. However, I find that exhilarating. Having these platforms and making them work in environments that for us are completely normal but for a robot can be more difficult than Mars, is just amazing.

What new technology or innovation has recently caught your attention?

I think it is really interesting to see more and more cars with autonomous features that are no longer prototypes, but real products that you can now buy. This is making a huge impact on the robotics industry. These vehicles can perform safely and by themselves a wide range of maneuvers in the streets. I think that they are moving faster than I thought it would be possible. We need to get indoors robots to catch up.

What qualities are most important to perform well in your field?

In our field everything is always changing, we need to be up to date and able to constantly learn new things. We need to put our best in everything we do. Delivering results and getting things literally moving is crucial – the robot must move. Since you can’t do everything on your own, you also need to be a good team player. So for me, performing well in our field means to keep learning, doing your best, and helping and asking for help from other team members. That is what I try to do every day.

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