Team Interview: Ayllin Yassin

Ayllin Yassin, Business Development Manager at BotsAndUs

The team at BotsAndUs is fully-equipped with all the necessary skills to bring a full-stack solution to market. Although as a tech company, the majority of its members are experts on the technical side, we dedicate significant time and resources to our commercial partnerships and business goals.

As we promised to help you meet BotsAndUs through the lens of the people who make it all work, we continue our team interview series with Ayllin Yassin. She may not have been with us from the beginning of our journey but she diligently helps our founders strategically handle the present and prepare for the future.

What is your role at BotsAndUs and what key areas are you working on?

I am the Business Development Lead at BotsAndUs and I work on most commercial aspects of the business, from sales and marketing to building commercial models and preparing deployments. I dedicate most of my time to establishing and maintaining relationships with our current and future clients.

Why did you choose robotics and what use cases are you most excited about?

As an entrepreneur myself, I could see the great future that lies ahead for the robotics industry regardless of its now nascent stage – I just wanted to join the wave early. I am very excited to see how automating boring and repetitive tasks can liberate people and businesses alike.

What new technology or innovation has recently caught your attention?

Rather than new technology, what usually catches my attention is a new use case that we could potentially deploy for our solution. Innovation in how and where to deploy our very same platform is what I constantly monitor. For example, contactless deliveries for indoor public, dynamic spaces is a use case that has recently caught my attention. I love anything that positively shifts the status quo and this is why I am so excited to see how the robotics industry as well as the non-industrial use cases for robotics platforms will evolve.

What qualities are most important to perform well in your field?

I think that to perform well in business development, you should always seek to adapt and change rather than rely on strict rules and processes on how to work with people and organisations. Although the company’s mission will always be the same, the commercial goals and strategies must continuously adapt to the ever changing conditions of the market.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please check our careers page here for any job vacancies. Join the robotics revolution!