The need for automation has never been greater

Most industries are now facing challenges associated with the inability to operate in normal market conditions. Although the fight is still being fought, it has already become clear that state of the art automation solutions will become the norm once the pandemic recedes. The need for automation is felt across various industries; from healthcare and manufacturing to retail and delivery logistics.

Whether the negative impact of the crisis intensifies or not, there is and there will be an opportunity for companies with tech solutions automating physical business processes involving humans. If the robotics value proposition has been automating the “dull and repetitive work”, it has now become automating “dull, repetitive and dangerous work”. Automation and robotics solutions were already seeing an upward trend but industry reports are now expecting an acceleration of previously predicted inflection points.

A new technology paradigm will emerge – With the exception of grocery stores deemed as essential businesses, the retail industry has been suddenly and severely affected by the current crisis. All customer (human)-facing businesses have closed and are now pursuing different ways to keep operations afloat. Retailers with data-driven decision making processes and a focus on automation have been the ones to best manage the repercussions. The need to quickly adapt to changes in stock, logistics and staff deployed has never been more acute.

BotsAndUs has been committed to automation and will continue to revolutionise customer service and retail operations with its robotics solution. When the crisis subsides and retailers will be looking for ways in which to fill in their revenue gaps, our robots will be ready. The customer service robots will be the front-line for all the simple and repetitive questions shoppers might have entering the stores. The operations robots will make sure stores operate efficiently by ensuring planogram and shelf health. Data will be gathered in stores and will be available to HQ teams from the comfort of their desks.

Lessons to be learnt – The extensive media coverage of various robotics solutions being quickly developed and deployed at scale serves as another catalyst for the upward trends. Although the urgency and demand of such solutions are clear now, it is worth keeping in mind that without sustainable research and applications, the world will yet again be unprepared for similar situations in the future.

BotsAndUs will remain flexible and constantly review market conditions to recognise and quickly act on opportunities that may arise.

We shall all come out of this crisis more open and eager to create the best possible work environment for all. Stay healthy!