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BotsAndUs settling at The Tech Garden as a GeniusNY finalist


At the end of January, BotsAndUs joined the GeniusNY accelerator programme as one of the five finalists from a pool of more than 400 global startups. Even though the year has just started, we are excited to take on this opportunity and make the jump over the pond. We are definitely ready to explore the US market and welcome any opportunities to grow with the help of experts.

Although still in a competitive stage, we feel that we have already won. That is not just because of the prize we have secured so far but also because of all the resources we are receiving from the supportive community at The Tech Garden. Despite the five finalists competing towards the April Finals night, the other companies in the programme target different industries and customer segments with clearly distinctive solutions. This allows for a healthy competition where each startup thrives to grow without worrying about what the others are doing.

Being one of the two international finalists, we have adapted to the ecosystem quicker than expected. We’ve only been here for a month and are already building a network of meaningful connections. We’ve joined multiple insightful workshops to broaden our perspective and social events to build our local network.

The local university, Syracuse University is a highly academic environment that offers an exceptional pool of technical talent for the emerging robotics industry. The faculty are well connected and many serve as consultants to corporations and act as great liaisons with target clients as well as target manufacturing partners. We shall continue with our work here and although it may be too early for us to discuss expansion, we are open to the idea of setting up our US headquarters in Syracuse and use it as a strong base to explore the country.

Stay tuned - we shall keep you updated with our progress in the United States!