What we’re excited about in 2020

What we're excited about in 2020

As we enter a new decade, we’re excited to imagine what technology developments and breakthroughs are awaiting us. In recent years, robotic solutions broke free from their traditional industrial settings and appeared in various sectors, working with and among people of all skills and backgrounds – from health, agriculture, retail to travel. This is why we believe the debate around the utility of collaborative robots versus industrial ones will start to fade in 2020.

Collaborative robots have gained traction and are expected to emerge and prove their utility in the new year. We believe 2020 will be the year that will set in stone the use cases for collaborative robots in many more industries. We anticipate these robots will continue to progress their adoption in sectors they’ve already penetrated but also enter rigid traditional ones such as hospitality, museums or restaurants. We are enthusiastic to witness this trend as we believe in a world where robots collaborate with each other and with humans to liberate us from dull and repetitive work.

Influential events – CES, Tokyo 2020, Dubai 2020 – are expected to bring further momentum and media coverage to the robotics industry. We look forward to seeing how people will receive and interact with robots at these events. As a robotics company ourselves, we are very excited to join the various conversations this year, where we hope to not only meet industry partners, but also build relationships with new businesses interested in innovating their internal processes and customer experience.

Robots in Retail – With the travel industry having a fantastic traction with service robotics in 2019, we believe 2020 is the year retailers will catalyse the scale-up for robotics solutions at global scale. Not only are they in a need to better understand their customers and their preferences but also of how internal processes are affecting their performance. Robotics are expected to be adopted in efforts to improve customer experience but also category management and business overall operations. This is especially exciting to us as we are and have been the sole robotics company that simultaneously serves applications to improve customer experience and business operations.

New developments – One of the main impediments in the adoption of robotics solutions has been their rigidity. 2020 will see a shift from fixed general solutions to a more customised approach. Most industries have been reluctant towards robotics for their perceived need of entire infrastructure changes. Robotics companies will begin to focus on providing scalable and flexible solutions that integrate with each business vertical so that more companies, big or small, can make the most out of adopting them.

Now that robots are becoming omnipresent and highly accessible, we are thrilled to be part of such an innovative, truly helpful and high growth industry!

Happy New Year!