AI And Automation In The Workplace

Artificial intelligence is coming to a workplace near you – and it’s very exciting. A wide range of industries are quickly realising the efficiency and cost-saving gains that automation can offer. From algorithms to robots, we are about to all breathe a sigh of relief as those mundane tasks that get in the way of us making the best of our time at the office are taken off our plates. You are going to love being more productive at work because of automation, so here are the top areas being streamlined right now.


Telepresence robots are really taking off, as they allow many more of us to work from home whilst still being, for all intents and purposes, present in the workplace.

Using an iPad or other screen mounted at head height on a set of robotic wheels, one can attend meetings and chat with co-workers whilst never leaving their home office.

This could really be a gamechanger when it comes to the way we work. Companies will be better able to employ the best talent by recruiting from far and wide, rather than being limited to a set geographical area. Meetings will be facilitated, as there’ll be much less need to co-ordinate everybody’s in-office diaries for unanimous in-person attendance. Plus, it’ll save you from enduring that commute every day!

Bo is one of these telepresence-enabling robots. Via two-way video communications and inbuilt autonomous driving powered by a simple mobile app, users can drive Bo from anywhere in the world.

Special Delivery!

Delivery robots to bring you tea, coffee, and snacks, whilst also reminding you to drink enough water throughout the day, may sound like some impossible dream, but – guess what? – it’s happening! Rather than arguing with your team mates as to whose turn it is to make the coffees, helpful office robots will bring you your chosen beverage or snack on demand. This, of course, saves you from wasting valuable work time both in terms of team mate arguments, and with the business of trudging over to the kitchen for your hourly caffeine fix!

Entertainment Robots

Let’s face it, some offices are just not terribly fun. It can be hard to keep morale up, but there’s a robot for that! Robots like Bo can keep the atmosphere light and bring a smile to your face, even in the midst of Monday morning spreadsheet hell. They can share the latest music, popular videos, and the latest news using his mobile speakers and screens, meaning you never miss the buzz of what’s going on in the outside world.

Wellbeing At Work

Wellbeing at work is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a healthy, happy workforce. As we spend most of our time in the workplace, with a lot of people working together in one office, it’s all the more important to ensure that the environment is sufficiently healthy. Stuffy environments, or conversely ones with air conditioning circulating poor quality air and damaging particles, and offices with poor light quality, are common factors that contribute to poor employee health and wellbeing. This, in turn, leads to illness and absence, or even high employee turnover, which is costly both financially and in terms of productivity for the company.

Our robot, Bo, monitors office space to ensure the best air quality, light, temperature, and other office conditions. It can match these conditions to productivity and worker mood and state of mind. This enables the robot to suggest ideal work environments. The AI can inform office workers when they have been sitting too long or that their posture is not good, for example, to make sure they remain healthy, happy, and as productive as possible.

Receptionists and Welcome Robots

Along with all the other helpful tasks that office robots can bring to the workplace, they can also complement the role of the receptionist. This allows the receptionist to lighten his/her workload, leaving them free to get on with the un-automatable tasks. A welcome robot who can greet visitors, check them in, and provide a positive first point of contact is a great way to bring some fun and novelty for visitors, and ensure that – whatever’s going on in the office – there is always somebody there to do the meet and greet bit.

It’s clear that, as automation grows, the workplace of the future is going to become a lot more efficient, positive, and fun. Robots like these can not only brighten up the office environment, they are also great in retail and at events, improving both customer and worker experience exponentially. The future is automated, and we cannot wait to see how it takes off.