Bo meets the world… Innorobo 2017

Bo met the world last week at

and the world was impressed! From the very first interactions to some really productive chats with other companies, investors and even celebrities, Bo was definitely wowing the attendees.

The biggest, brightest and bravest robotics companies from all over the world came together at the biggest Robotics event of the year. Across 3 days of live sessions and exhibitions, we had the opportunity to meet amazing minds from the robotics and AI as well as experience the latest technology from the field and beyond. Apart from the exhibition, we enjoyed a fun

business trip to Paris’ hottest tech spots
– CEA List Robotics Laboratories and Sorbonne University Pierre and Marie Curie – where we learned about how broad the use of robotics is right now (from nanotechnology and surgery comanipulation to EU-funded AI projects using Baxter’s learning abilities).
Being the

only UK-based Robotics Company
at #Innorobo2017, our first units were exceeding expectations both of our supporters and fellow tech companies.

Bruno Bonnell
a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Infogrames, expressed his congratulations and praised our team!
Moreover, Aeroport de Paris, Mercure Hotels and other big companies, were really excited to experience interacting with

in an events environment. During his walks around the venue, Bo quickly made friends both human and robots! Savioke, Heasy and SoftBank Robotics were glad to welcome Bo around their booths while Cogi and Tiki started practicing a dance right on the exhibition floor.
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