Meet Bo – the revolutionary robot assistant for Retail, Hospitality and Events

Dear world, we are proud to introduce you to


, our beautifully designed social robot that will bring much needed innovation to face to face customer experience across Retail, Hospitality, Events and many more.

Bo is equipped with ground breaking
human-robot-interaction capabilities, allowing it to autonomously attract, engage, inform and inspire customers and guests of all ages.

Using BotsAndUs’ proprietary
sensing technology, Bo pushes the boundaries of social robotics through its personality traits and the seamless engagement flow with users. Completely autonomous, easy to set up and with customisable software and hardware, Bo is a one of a kind robot assistant.

Bo steps in to shake up the old-fashioned high street, bring fun and entertainment to corporate or private
events and transform dull
office spaces. He is a brand new way of engaging with customers and attendees around the event, he can be situated in different strategic points to boost retail space and revolutionise
customer experience.

customisable for brand activation purposes or themed events, Bo can be fitted to your company’s culture from software to hardware. He can welcome, inform, guide, entertain and inspire users while enhancing brand awareness, engagement and advocacy. Apart from being a great attention grabber, Bo is practical and extremely useful, moving smoothly around the shop floor, restaurant or exhibition hall (among others) and sharing relevant information in an innovative way.

We have been developing Bo for the past 24 months into a fully functional, pre-production prototype. At BotsAndUs we want to make sure that our products are thoroughly crafted with their ends users’ in mind so we now need

YOUR help
to finalise his development by making sure he meets all your needs and expectations.

If you are a company interested in finding out more about Bo, testing him in real life environments or simply giving us some advice on how to best get it ready for you, please get in touch at

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