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Global Robot Expo 2017

Last week BotsAndUs attended an event in beautiful Madrid - the second edition of Global Robot Expo. It was a great way to kick-off the series of amazing conferences and exhibitions we have planned for 2017 and the perfect opportunity to check the vibe of the industry post CES.

Some of the talks we attended were really inspiring and gave us loads of ideas that we have already started to explore - such as Platypus’ presentation on their amazing monitoring solutions using autonomous, cooperative robotic boats or the demos from Engineered Arts of humanoid and semi-humanoid robots featuring natural, human-like movement and advanced social behaviours. Also got some very interesting tips from Tharsus Vision on “making robots simple”.

In terms of the exhibitors, we were really hoping to have some of the freshly announced robots land in Spain from CES but most were old friends (like the adorable Paro). We did however test a wide range of interesting tech from a variety of suppliers and can definitely say this seems like the beginning of a few beautiful partnerships. One of them being Semvox, with their innovative solutions and technologies for voice control.

Madrid might seem like a strange place for a Robotics get together, however, the buzzing academic environment, the potential and ambition of Spain really surprised us. We do hope that next year more talks will be in English as despite a great use of Google Translate, we feel we might have missed some parts :).