Why a robot is the best Christmas gift

With the gift season now open, we’ve all been wondering how to meet every one of our loved ones’ wishes. Whether you think about your parents, kids, or even elders, hi-tech devices seem to always be the best choice (apart from chocolate :)). And when it comes to tech… what better than a super intelligent, low maintenance, helpful assistant: a robot?

There is a large variety of “intelligent” gifts out there, from the classic robotic vacuum cleaner to robotics kits for the geeks in our lives. It can be as cute as a pet or as useful as a virtual assistant, a thermostat or home monitoring device. But how about a robot that fits all?

Check out our list of ultimate reasons to include a home robot on your Christmas Wish List:

  • It’s the kind of gift that makes life a lot easier. What a better way to show your mom or your girlfriend how thoughtful you are than giving a gift that keeps them up to date with their to do lists, calendar invites, weather and traffic updates?

  • Christmas is the time of the year to be close to family. But when distance is an issue, having a robot friend can help you be home no matter where you are in the world – it’s telepresence taken to a whole new level.

  • A home robot is a gift for the whole family and it can be used with no age or gender restriction.

  • Holiday season is the best time to invest in a home robot since the whole family will get to meet it, learn how it works and adapt to it together. A home robot helps you host parties, too! The ultimate way to engage with your relatives during family gatherings, or entertain kids while they wait for Santa!

A very, merry Christmas,