5 Reasons You Need a Robot in Your Home

Can you imagine spending a whole day without checking your phone? Or going on vacation without taking pics? From smartphones to baby monitors, GPS or Roombas there are all kinds of devices that have influenced the way you live and that you couldn’t imagine living without. But what about a whole new lifestyle accessory that brings most of those functions together?

Here are the top five reasons why you need a robot in your life:

1. Robots can help you with tasks you don’t like. Tired of tedious recurring household chores? Take control of your daily tasks and spend more time on the things that make you smile by letting a robot do them for you. What can it do? Almost everything! From waking you up in the morning and nagging your kids to do their homework, to cleaning your home while you’re at work. Also, a robot would definitely be happy to help with lawn maintenance and snow cleaning tasks.

2 A home robot can keep your home safe and secure. Smart devices can connect with each other but what about a hub for all that? A robot can be the control center for everything from your coffee machine to your Nest cams, thermostats and even locking doors. And you can access it from anywhere in the world too! Your eyes in the home 24/7 to keep everyone and everything safe and secure.

3. Help you be there for your loved ones. Ever missed a special moment with your loved ones when travelling for work? Telepresence is the answer. The latest trend in business can be very handy at home, too! You’ll feel less guilty for missing another bedtime story or birthday party knowing you’ll be able to join from anywhere in the world!

4. They are infotainment hubs. Robots can take on new roles in your home like keeping you up to date on the latest news, help you host parties and family gatherings and enrich your everyday life with daily educational material for both you and your kids. Imagine an autonomous TV or bluetooth speaker that can voice control and that can actually follow you around the home!

5. Empower elders to stay safe and happy with simple technology they can use. What if your relatives suffering from mobility issues or physical ailments would have someone to watch over them all the time? A home robot is the perfect companion letting you keep an eye on their condition without having to worry about them 24/7 and feeling helpless.

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