Humans and robots – the future is NOW!


Sony released its “dream robot”, also known as SDR-3X. It could recognize 10 different faces, express emotion through speech and body language, can walk on flat and uneven surfaces, get up on its own, and even dance.


Honda created the (improved) version of ASIMO, aka the Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility. The new version had technology capable of interpreting postures and gestures, and react independently in response. It can recognize its owner’s voice, face, and name. It can also read email and can stream video from its camera to PC.


Apple introduces Siri; a built-in software feature that can “understand” spoken requests and retrieve information from the internet. This voice activated assistant uses internet results to answer you questions, such as, “What’s the weather forecast this week?”. It learns user tendencies and preferences and uses the phone’s GPS to find a satisfactory result for the user.


Bill Gates, as well as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, share and express their beliefs on the potentially-dangerous effects and consequences of AI on human customs. They believe that the short-term effects maybe beneficial to humankind, but the more distant future of advanced, intelligent machines may be hazardous to us all. Those with opposing beliefs say that AI will bring a new era of human and technological achievement, where there will be more collaboration, inspiration, and enlightenment.


Bo, the intelligent home assistant is in development. This is one of the very first accessible, affordable assistants being made available to the general public. It will revolutionize ways of home life and allow families, couples, and independents more time to create, innovate, and live.