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Blog posts from September 2016

Humans and robots – the future is NOW!


Sony released its “dream robot”, also known as SDR-3X. It could recognize 10 different faces, express emotion through speech and body language, can walk on flat and uneven surfaces, get up on its own, and even dance.


Honda created the (improved...

How Humans Have Shaped Robots (part II)


The debatable start of the personal computer begins with the ALTAIR 8080 created by MITS. It was based off the Intel 8080. Build-it-yourself kits were released to the public and ended up sparking the microcomputer revolution.


The Stanford...

How Humans Have Shaped Robots (part I)


Leonardo Da Vinci created a design for what is considered to be the first humanoid robot. It was designed to move similarly to humans: sit down, wave, and open and close its jaw. He was indeed, a man of the future.


Jacques de Vaucanson...

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