Humans and AI

People across the globe have always had a changing relationship with technology, whether it be processing data, reading the news, or simply sending a message. One of the biggest upcoming innovations is artificial intelligence. To some, AI may seem like an intimidating Terminator-esque concept, but cinema and reality are quite different. Today, many technological developers are creating and improving robots that assist and care, whether it be families, patients or working individuals. Some types of AI bots can learn an individual’s lifestyle choices and offer them what would be most helpful to any issues the client might have.

Many AI assistants, like Bo, are in development. Soon, all kinds of people around the globe will be able to interact with these amazing creations. Whether it be providing customer service, assisting with healthcare or helping you with your day, these robots will help shape the way we live and function as a society. In the world we live in, communication and understanding is incredibly important. With AI, businesses can learn what their customers like or dislike. They can also learn customers’ preferences, so any help or offered information can be adapted to what the customer needs. Restaurants could predict the food a customer wants to order, or hospital machinery could recommend to doctors what a patient should receive. The possibilities with this new technology are limitless. By allowing virtual assistants to help execute dangerous or repetitive tasks, humans can have more time to create and innovate.

Many debate whether the rise of artificial intelligence will help or hinder the human way of life. Who can tell what these robots will do with this intelligence, even under the control of humans? This is where the fear of “global annihilation by robots” comes into play. What some claim to be the decline of humanity is, at the moment, far from accurate. Sure, AI is on the rise, but the only thing these robots will be doing is helping and caring for people who desire extra support.

At BotsAndUs, this is one of our goals: to help many people with different lifestyles and thoughts to feel comfortable with their busy days. AI assistants, like Bo, can help reduce stress during the day and help you feel more safe and secure. This is the path that developers want to follow; to create accessible aid, remind us of the little things we tend to forget, and allow humans to spend more time changing the world.