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An image of an airport.
A customer service robot.

First Assistant Robot for Retail, Hospitality, Aiports and Real Estate Buildings

Revolutionize your customer experience with Bo

Our Horizon 2020 project

Bad customer service leads to losses of over £37Bn for companies in the UK and $87Bn in the US alone each year. The companies from retail, hospitality, airports and real estate-offices, which are our four key business verticals, are facing issues of understaffing, lack of insights and in-store inconsistencies, leading to a high degree of customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, there is an urgent need of introducing new technologies to boost customer service quality and sales.

BotsAndUs created Bo, an easy to use robot, able to autonomously approach and engage in conversation, reacting to questions and emotions, with the best Human-Robot-Interaction features. This innovative breakthrough technology combines social sciences, human-centred design and cutting-edge engineering. The robot is unique, complex and superior to all other products on the market, leading to a cut of 70% of losses caused by bad customer service, at an affordable price.

The project (grant agreement 849938) aimed to build an innovative solution that can help businesses across different sectors to avoid losing sales and alienating customers from inadequate customer service. Our mission is to create a fleet of autonomous customer service robots that work for people, alongside people. The scope of this project was to prepare BotsAndUs’ breakthrough innovation for commercialisation with applications across various industries around the world.