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Our team.

Meet our family of visionary innovators, leaders, and passionate experts in their field.
Team member: Adrian Negoita
Adrian Negoita

Adrian is an experienced software engineer who is motivated by building high quality products and sharing his knowledge to support the wider adoption of robotics.

Team member: Andrei Danescu
Andrei Danescu

Andrei is an expert in robotics and control, Andrei is an inspiring leader with a limitless entrepreneurial mindset and a true maker at heart. He’s been building robots since 2004

Team member: Andrius Motuzas
Andrius Motuzas
Senior Production Engineer

Andrius is always looking for the most meaningful solution to any situation. His broad spectrum of experience in the product development field brings a deeper and more insightful approach in developing our products.

Team member: Ayllin Yassin
Ayllin Yassin
Business Development Lead

Ayllin is an entrepreneur with an eccentric business acumen who believes in genuine long-lasting partnerships.

Team member: Claudiu Popa
Claudiu Popa
Robotics Engineer

Claudiu is a software developer with international experience in developing and testing robotics intelligent systems. He’s passionate about the field of perception robotics and the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence.

Team member: Enora Rayhane Briec
Enora Rayhane Briec
Business Development and Marketing

Enora has a background in business and digital technologies. She likes to think creatively and thrives to make meaningful information accessible to all types of audiences.

Team member: George Lindsell
George Lindsell
Senior Software Engineer

With a passion for emerging technology, George brings his experience in distributed computing and machine learning deployment from Blockchain and AI projects in the finance sector to the field of robotics.

Team member: Jay Young
Jay Young
Senior Robotics Engineer

Jay is a Robotics Software Engineer with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and has worked on the deployment of autonomous robots in human-inhabited environments all over the world.

Team member: Joni Sá
Joni Sá
Senior Embedded Electronics Engineer

Joni is a passionate embedded electronics engineer experienced in a wide range of industries. His versatility will help the team to achieve the best solutions for each scenario.

Team member: Jorge Lozano
Jorge Lozano
Production Engineer
Jorge is very passionate about robotics. He brings attention to detail and a drive for optimisation, as well as a strong foundation in tech – from building UAVs to audio and lighting engineering, 3d printing, and machining.
Team member: Marcus Scheunemann
Marcus Scheunemann
Senior Robotics Engineer

Marcus has more than 10 years of experience in programming robots using machine learning and artificial intelligence. In his PhD he investigated the perception of curious robots that generate their behaviour fully autonomously.

Team member: Martin Eskdale Moen
Martin Eskdale Moen
Senior Software Engineer

Martin has over 10 years of experience with web technologies and highly scalable infrastructure, building solutions for both IoT devices and large multi million user facing websites.

Team member: Matthew MacLeod
Matthew MacLeod
Head of Software

Matt is a software engineer who specialises in designing complex interactive autonomous systems and workflows.

Team member: Oana Jinga
Oana Jinga

Oana is a marketing and business development expert, passionate about understanding our customers, making sure we always put them first in developing our products.

Team member: Peter Bushell
Peter Bushell
Production Engineer

Peter is a research and development engineer with a deep passion for autonomous robots. He uses his experience to fuse functional design with beautiful aesthetics, bringing our cutting-edge technology to the world.


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