About us

Botsandus develop state of the art robotics and AI products by combining social sciences with human-centred design and cutting edge engineering. We make robots that seamlessly integrate into day to day life.

What we belive

We strongly believe in the symbiosis of humans and robots, in shaping a world in which they collaborate towards building memorable experiences and efficiency across public and private environments.

Our philosophy

Inspire people and businesses to open their doors to robotics by creating beautifully designed products that are useful, accessible and easy to use (the Bots) and, at the same time, educate consumers about the collective and individual benefits of AI (the Us).

Through our diverse team and state of the art Human-Robot-Interaction technology, we aim to create comfort with robots physically and emotionally, supporting their fast adoption, seamless integration into daily environments and ongoing usage.

Our story

We develop state of the art robotics and AI products by combining social sciences with human-centred design and cutting edge engineering. We make sure robots seamlessly integrate into day to day life.

Bo is the first incarnation of the BotsAndUs technology. He is a social robot, an intelligent assistant for events, hospitality and retail.

Our team

Andrei Danescu
Co-founder and CEO
An expert in Robotics and AI, Andrei is an inspiring leader with a limitless entrepreneurial mindset and a true maker at heart. He's been building robots since 2004. Previously at Formula 1, Jaguar Land Rover.
Adrian Negoita
Co-founder and CTO
Adrian is an experienced software test enginner who is motivated by building high quality products and sharing his knowledge to support the wider adoption of robotics. Previously at Just Eat, IBM.
Matthew MacLeod
Software Architect
Matt is a cross-platform software engineer who specialises in rapid application development and building interactive user interfaces.
Oana Jinga
Marketing Advisor
Marketing and Business Development expert, passionate about understanding our customers, making sure we always put them first in developing our products.
Peter Bushell
R&D Engineer
Peter is a design and engineering expert with a deep passion for autonomous robots and bringing this technology to the world.
Alina Hinescu
Trained Communications specialist, Alina is passionate about understanding how people think, act and react and especially how other's behaviour (and even more that of robots) affects theirs.
Matt Thompson
Build Technician
Matt brings his extensive mechanical engineer experience from high endurance racing to building modular, optimised and easy to service robotics products.


We're on the look for talented individuals driven by curiosity and the passion of making the world a better place.

Regardless of your experience, get in touch! Send us an email (bo@botsandus.com) and tell us about yourself.

No agencies, please.

Robotics Quality Assurance Engineer

About the Job

We’re looking for a Robotics Quality Assurance Engineer to ensure our robots are more robust and reliable.

Botsandus are building a social robotics platform to help organisations interact with and learn about their customers and guests. We have developed our own platform to support this goal, and we’re looking for a new team member who can help us scale up our technical expertise and development resources.

Our robots use embedded Linux boards connected to various other embedded devices, and are backed by a Cloud Robotics platform running several different services. The machines must be stable over weeks of continuous running, and provide a great interactive experience for users.


We’re looking for candidates with at least 3-4 years of experience in the following areas:

  • Designing and implementing Verification and Validation plans
  • Estimating testing effort and developing an optimal test strategy (manual vs automated)
  • Effectively executing, monitor and troubleshooting prototype and builds as necessary
  • Writing documentation for test protocols, results, and reports
  • Ensuring traceability from requirements/specifications to verification
  • Tracking defects and working with software and cross-functional teams to debug
  • Automation tests reports
  • Representing and positioning the company as an industry leader at standards and certification agency meetings and working groups related to mobile collaborative robotics
  • Ensuring proper and safe test methodology
  • Participation in team-wide code and architecture reviews
  • Automated testing
  • Ruby or JavaScript for web testing of our Cloud Robotics platform
  • SW programming background. Applied knowledge of Python, bash shell in a Linux environment
  • You will be responsible for testing both the cloud software and robotics software. This implies working a lot with our hardware platforms as well as our simulation environments.

You will work closely with the rest of the development team, making sure that we are delivering the highest-quality solutions, and will help the production team initiate mass manufacturing on the results.

Additionally, any experience in any of the following areas would be a benefit:

  • Gazebo simulations and Robot Operating System (ROS) experience
  • Knowledge of Python and C++
  • Microcontroller bringup, development and debugging
  • Experience with autonomous systems and complex sensory perception sets
  • Experience in Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration

From time to time, you may be required to help in the following other areas:

  • Demo development and testing;
  • Mentoring and assisting with supervision of interns;
  • Attending trade shows and conferences.


As a company, we’re definitely in the start-up phase of our life and you’ll be joining us at an early stage. You’ll have to be flexible and open to working in a variety of different roles - but we hope that will offer a great experience for a motivated engineer.

We are a diverse, remote-friendly team (though we have an amazing office and workshop space in West London). We have flexible working hours – as a startup we have occasional deadlines to meet, but work-life balance is important to us, so we’ll try to keep any disruption to a minimum. You’ll receive a market-rate salary and your choice of equipment, as well as an annual training and conference budget. We use loads of open-source software, and we’d love for you to contribute to projects while you are here – and you’re welcome to take some time for personal projects too.

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